Segment Camera


Industrial Design

Segment is a simple, compact mirrorless camera for the modern user.

A segment of the body has been removed, as if cut away, the physical controls have been nested into this cavity. This protects the controls but allows the user easy access. The camera exhibits a nostalgic aesthetic, interpreted in a contemporary manner. The robust yet soft form is wrapped in leather for a quality, tactile feel.

Front view of the Segment camera floating in black and tan colourways on a dark grey background.
Front view of the Segment camera in black on a dark grey background.
Segment camera being used to take a photograph of a natural setting. The image demonstrates the UI of the cameras software.

As well as designing the hardware, we also designed a User Interface to match the clean aesthetic. By mapping-out typical user journeys on similar UI’s, we were able to identify pain-points and simply the flow for a fluid and efficient user experience.

Prototypes of the Segment camera. Iterations of different components are shown in blue foam with a complete white foam model in the centre.
Sketch of the Segment Camera during the design process. The image shows a front illustration of the camera and two other sketches showing some details of the controls and lens design.
Top view of the Segment camera in context in black and on a dark grey background.