Peel Chair


Stackable, zero-waste chair

The Peel Chair takes inspiration from the natural phenomena of bark peeling from trees, as well as the iconic and timeless plywood furniture of modernist Marcel Breuer. Peel’s design plays into the illusion that it is constructed from a singular sheet of formed plywood that has been peeled back and folded into shape. The backrest, legs and seat pan come together via seamless contact points to create an aesthetically pleasing continuous line through the side profile. We were drawn to plywood as a low-cost material that can be sustainably sourced and manufactured in a way that significantly reduces wood wastage in comparison to traditional lumber practices.

Industrial Design
Product Design
Design for Manufacture (DFM)

The distinctive side profile means that the front legs bend back on themselves to become the rear legs, before returning up to form the back rest. At this point they begin to twist into a second plane of curvature for added comfort and back support.

Early in the design process, we created a rough prototype from CNC-machined MDF layers stacked together. This gave us a solid sense of the design proportions and ergonomics of the chair, helping us to refine and finesse the design.

To utilise all of the plywood material, BLOND took the internal cutout from the chair and used this to create a base for a side table. The Offcut Table is simply made from two parts—the base, and a circular pane of glass. With the latter housed on top of the base, celebrating the beauty of the offcut.

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