Founding Node


Decentralised computing

DADI, which stands for Decentralised Architecture for a Democratic Internet, is a peer-to-peer network owned by the people, shifting the balance of computational power away from large corporations. The Founding Node is a limited-edition item, the first in a series of products that will host the DADI network—offering users the ability to sell processing power and cloud storage capacity to the peer-to-peer network. This product acts as a ‘sandbox’ (pre-beta) version of the DADI node, due to this, inspiration has been drawn from laboratory equipment, aiming to provide an ‘under-the-bonnet’ experience. To achieve this, we suspended the tech from a silicone bung within borosilicate glass, the glass used in laboratories. This aesthetic also supports the limited-edition nature—creating a trophy-like object that celebrates the technology.

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The Node has been designed to be either; re-used (the PCB), recycled or composted. Only four screws are used in the entire product, parts simply peel apart and fit together with friction—making the disassembly and recycling process much simpler.

As part of our Conscious Design philosophy we believe good products are also good for our planet. Therefore, we have designed the packaging to be 100% biodegradable.

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