Clear Fussy


Reimagining Fussy's refillable deodorant

Following our design of the Fussy refillable deodorant in 2020, BLOND explored a self-initiated extension of the project where we conceptualised the product in a transparent PCR plastic. While it creates a more polarising aesthetic that is perhaps less suited to the original pebble-like form, we believe it highlights a number of interesting features. In making the material transparent, the alteration to the design celebrates the internal workings and material choices, and the refillable nature of the product. It draws attention not only to the compostable refill itself, but the simplicity and robustness of the mechanism, which has been designed to last longer than competitor products.

The transparency shows off the use of a single material throughout the product, which is not only recycled, but designed to last for hundreds of refills and still be easily recyclable at the end of it’s (long) life.

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