Joseph Joseph



Analogue innovation

Joseph Joseph approached BLOND to design the hero product in their new hydration range. At the outset of the project, we deployed various research methods. The most successful was a series of observational trips into central London, where we observed how people used and interacted with their water bottles (be it reusable or single-use). We identified several pain points and used these to drive our ideation process. Two observations inspired our final design. Firstly, we noticed that people struggled to handle the cap of their water bottle with other items (for example, phone, newspaper, bag etc.). Secondly, we saw that many people instinctively held their bottle by the cap, between two fingers, letting it dangle by their side.

Loop’s iconic shape, from which the bottle takes its name, allows the user to slot the lid over the bottle’s neck, providing the user with a convenient and hygienic place to store the lid whilst drinking. The inside of the loop is gently curved and is an identical match to the bottle’s contours; allowing a tight friction-fit that prevents it from sliding while the user is drinking. Furthermore, the lid doubles up as a convenient carry handle and attachment-point for hanging from bags.

Ethnographic Research
Design Strategy
Industrial Design
Product Design
Design for Manufacture (DFM)

The product is made from insulating double-walled, vacuumed steel. We designed an internal screw thread on the spout, leaving a clean and hygienic drinking surface on the outer face. In addition, the spout has a wide neck that allows space for inserting ice cubes.

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