Milan Design Week 2023


Activation for an energy disruptor

After raising an impressive $20 million in their Series A funding round, Impulse wanted to share their industry-first stovetop on a global stage. BLOND oversaw the spatial design, build, and PR for the launch of their debut product at Fuorisalone 2023.

With a single stovetop prototype being the focal point for this exhibition, the BLOND team aimed to create a space that had a striking, brand-visual impact—whilst clearly communicating this new product typology to visitors. Upon entering the space, visitors were greeted by an internally lit frosted acrylic plinth—with the stovetop proudly on top. To accompany the display plinth, an illuminated wall displayed visualisations of the product—bringing continuity to the space whilst supporting the product’s narrative—this also made for a bold and memorable ‘Instagram moment’ for visitors to spread the word.

Spatial Design
Exhibition Fabrication
PR & Brand Strategy
Event Management
Art Direction

The frosted acrylic display plinth was set on castors—providing the space with added flexibility and versatility. This allowed for the space to host talks with Dezeen, which featured BLOND’s creative director, James Melia, and the founder and CEO of Impulse—Sam D’Amico. The flexibility meant that the exhibition would be back to welcoming visitors shortly after the talk had finished.

Impulse’s space was ultimately designed to maximise the brand’s exposure for the duration of Fuorisalone, creating a visually striking space that was agile in its configuration—welcoming visitors to learn about its exciting new product one day, and hosting a talk relevant to Impulse’s product the next. This meant the space could host press events, alongside a visually captivating space that encouraged visitors to photograph and share their experience.

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