Fussy Deodorant Dish


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Product Design

As part of our collaboration with Fussy, we presented a product ecosystem built around the refillable deodorant and its compostable refills.

Unlike other deodorants that often shout for attention, the product lies flat and more closely resembles a bar of soap. Leaning into this, we designed an accompanying dish that proudly presents the deodorant. At the same time, the gentle and subtle design allows the object to blend into its environment.

Importantly, the dish is also a place to store the sustainable, biodegradable refills. The object can neatly house two refills; keeping them safe, dry and easily accessible.


"James and the team have been incredible from beginning to end, helping guide us through the design process ... we agonised over every detail and decision (we’re called Fussy after all), but Blond were patient, collaborative and understanding".

Fussy - Co-Founders


We took inspiration from typical homeware items in our decision to use ceramics, applying a mixture of glazes (cracked and matte) that further reinforce the product's connection with the home.