In April 2017 Rapha opened a clubhouse in Mallorca — one of the most beautiful locations to ride in Europe. Together with the Rapha team, we designed a unique 3D topographical map of the island. As the clubhouse centrepiece, the table/map allows visitors to plan their rides.
The table has been precision milled from Valchromat, emphasising every last 1.2mm contour/step. Each of the key climbs on the island has been called-out with a monolithic extrusion.
Photography: Johan Björklund, Benedict Campbell & Wig Worland.

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To create the table, we downloaded topographic data from the region. We then simplified the raw data — in order to create a more striking, stylised and unique appearance – leaving us with a skeleton of line-work. From this we were able to create the thousands of topographic steps in 3D CAD and a table that is an exact scale representation of Mallorca’s mountains.