Homage paying branding

Having supported many international FinTech companies over the years, BLOND were approached by a Saudi start-up seeking to provide next-generation card issuing services for MENA’s innovators, and needing a solid brand identity (including brand name) to begin doing so. We started by mapping out the market, ranging from traditional banking institutions to newer disruptive start-ups, dissecting their brand identities to identify a gap in the market for our client that best suited its target customers. We developed a brand name strategy from a combination of word analysis, user experience mapping, cultural inspiration and word hacking to find potential brand names. Shortlists were drawn up and debated with the client’s team before settling on ‘Stitch’. Stitch—to “make, mend, or join something.” An apt choice for the brand name that speaks to the positive consumer benefits of FinTech: managing money in productive ways to make things anew, mending ailing ventures through capital injection, and joining people and institutions together through investment and the merging of finances.

From the name Stitch, we were inspired to create a range of design concepts that interpreted the word’s meaning into the design language. The selected concept includes a logomark that references both stitching patterns and coding symbols, to evoke the ‘stitch’ message but in a modern and technological way. It is both professional and progressively positioned for mass appeal. English, Arabic and combined language lock-ups are utilised to reflect the dual nature of the business languages in the region.

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity

Light sand, white and black were selected as a light, modern palette for Stitch’s brand colours, which can be boosted using a bright blue signal colour to grab attention and make content more engaging. As well as providing comprehensive brand guidelines to help Stitch to roll out its re-brand, we brought the new identity to life by visualising how it would look on its website and print media.

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