A premium banking service - portrayed with subtle, modest and thoughtful design.

Project Information

Project: Premium Debit Card and Packaging

Disciplines: Packaging Design / Graphic Design

Client: Revolut 

Year: 2016/17

Revolut is an ambitious FinTech startup - aiming to build the banking alternative of the future. Our on-going relationship captures many disciplines, including; Video Production, Packaging, Industrial and Graphic Design

For the launch of their new premium product, we were asked to design several variations of their prepaid card. The card has been stripped-back, leaving only the necessary. For added privacy, the card numbers have been hidden on the back - printed in a hot-foil. To further emphasise the premium nature of the service; the branding has been reduced and combined with subtle, metallic colours.

For a full user experience, we also designed the accompanying packaging. Here we utilised the premium soft-touch stocks of G.F Smith and tone-on-tone hot foiling.