Decorative Birds


Minimal waste decor is a furniture and accessories brand that believes great design is for everyone. They like their products to surprise, tell a story and make the everyday a little less ordinary. We were commissioned by Made to design a full range of wooden items including the Decorative Birds shown here—a purely ornamental object that adds a touch of personality to any surface or shelf. Our design process was driven by the materials and processes used by the chosen manufacturer. This is our favourite way to work; utilising the processes in a sensible, yet surprising manner—turning what could be considered a ‘restriction’ into a design-driver and a design-feature. The personality and form of the birds is created with a simple ‘scallop’; where a section of wood has been removed from a solid cylinder. The simplicity creates a playful aesthetic, ensures a high-quality object and removes room for production error (and in turn; wastage).

Industrial Design
Product Design
Design for Manufacture (DFM)

As with all our work, we created a range of prototypes during the design process (including 3D prints and foam mock-ups) to help us define and refine the final form, size and feel.

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