A storefront to drive pre-orders

Acting as a vehicle to drive pre-orders, Impulse’s website was built to introduce this industry-first stovetop to potential customers, whilst concisely illustrating the product’s features.

Web Design
Art Direction

The use of Impulse’s black, white and lavender colour palettes make the call to actions, and iconography stand out for an easy-to-understand website. A dominant pop of lavender on the ‘reserve now’ encourages visitors to click through and place an order.

The features of the stovetop—such as temperature sensors and a seamless hi-resolution screen—are highlighted through a scroll-down animation that clearly describes and highlights each feature on the product. For instance, when highlighting the copper heating coils, other parts in the assembly become transparent to reveal the internal workings of the product—helping to convey the technological advancements achieved by Impulse and BLOND’s collaboration.

As well as the visual animations, we also supplied a series of high-quality visualisations of the stovetop within various kitchen environments— helping potential customers to visualise how the stovetop may look in their home.

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