Industry-first home energy solution

San Francisco start-up Impulse is working on the next generation of home energy systems, with upcoming products that have the potential to revolutionise the way our homes operate and are powered. Over the past year, we have been working closely with Impulse to position it as a critical forward-thinking player in the emerging home energy market. Our collaboration to date has involved Industrial Design, UI Design, Website Design, and Brand Identity. Starting with a battery-integrated induction stove with (almost) unbelievable power, energy efficiency and precision; Impulse and BLOND are reframing an industry that hasn’t seen core performance innovation in 50+ years by creating a new category of battery-powered kitchen appliances. Our support to date has helped Impulse to raise an impressive $20 million in Series A funding.

The Impulse stovetop has integrated batteries that allow it to combine stored and grid energy to achieve a high-performance and energy-efficient product that is better for users and for the environment. The stove arrives ready to install in customers’ existing electrical panels. Plus, the integrated battery means the stove always has backup power. Our challenge was to represent the high level of innovation through both the industrial and UI design. The outcome distinguishes this new category of battery-supported appliances from the traditional lower-voltage (mains) electric or gas counterparts. Raised burners not only prevent the screen from damage but optimise the internal space for the battery power.

Impulse and BLOND are currently collaborating on the development of this product as well as the user interface, which will be packed with industry-leading innovations to simplify the cooking process. As such, some aspects of the design process and the product’s advantages are closely guarded. More details to come in the future; when Impulse is ready to decloak the market-disrupting technology.

Ethnographic Research
Design Strategy
Industrial Design
Product Design
Design for Manufacture (DFM)
Art Direction

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