Electric Air



Holistic digital experience

Alongside the Industrial Design and Brand Identity, we also developed a holistic digital experience that included the UI for this product family, as well as a pre-order website. The interface for Electric Air’s product family has been integrated into the user’s smartphone, offering full control over the HVAC system, and the thermostat—which offers more simplistic, basic gestures, such as changing the temperature or reading air quality.

The simplicity of the interface on the thermostat is rooted in a very common pain point identified across all thermostats—that scheduling, and other information-heavy interfaces, are difficult to execute compared to an app on your phone. This mainly comes down to the processing power of the two devices, but also because of the display size on smartphones, as they can offer further flexibility in how information is displayed and interacted with.

Web Design
Art Direction

After defining the fidelity and interactions on the two interfaces, we then aligned their visual languages. This was anchored by large rounded blocks and a restricted colour palette. The use of simplistic sliding and rotating bars informs the interactions.

As a result of our ethnographic research, it was revealed that the most common interaction on a thermostat is adjusting the temperature, so we wanted to make this interaction align with the industrial design—making it as simple and visually appealing as possible. This utilised the simple rounded block forms, acting as a progress bar when the temperature is changed, slowly filling with either blue for cooling or red for heating.

The pre-order website was designed to quickly and efficiently communicate Electric Air’s offering. With a scroll-through ‘single page’ design, this methodically told the story of Electric Air, making it easy to understand for potential customers. The rounded blocks and the brand’s restricted colour palette were carried throughout the website design, retaining the Electric Air design language.

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