Borrn Feeding Bottles


Industrial Design
Product Design

Awards: Red Dot, European Product Design Award

The Borrn feeding bottle has been designed for both child and parent. For the parent; we moved away from a child-like aesthetic and took cues from homeware and furniture design. This enabled us to create a truly unique look-and-feel which is intentionally more sophisticated than other baby products. The design language, the oval-to-circular shape, has also been driven by an ergonomic functionality; providing an area for grip. This non-circular base also prevents the bottle rolling.

For the child; we have utilised materials and techniques that ensure it is one of the most hygienic products on the market. The contents of the bottle never come into contact with plastic, only BPA-free medical-grade silicone.

With our philosophy in mind, Conscious Design; we have also designed a product that can be updated as the child grows or passed-down to future children. Silicone can withstand extreme temperatures, meaning that these bottles can be sterilised repeatedly with little or no wear. The bottle wall has intentionally been made thicker than is standard, further promoting the longevity.

Perspective view of two large Borrn Bottles in green against a green background. One of the bottles had a lid on and shows the capacity markings, the other shows the teat and Borrn logo.
A mother and father sitting on a sofa, with their child on the fathers lap and the mother holding the Borrn feeding bottle.
Front, back and side view of large Borrn bottle with lid, green.
Detail view of front of small Borrn bottle with lid, orange.
Baby in dungarees holding a orange teether, lying next to the Borrn feeding bottle.

With sustainability in mind; all bottle sizes, lid types, teats and attachments have been designed to work together, so the bottle can grow with the child, further enhancing the longevity of the product.

Front view of small Borrn bottle without teat, green.
Blond, an Industrial and Product Design Studio based in London. Project: Borrn Bottle. Image: Borrn Bottle, Green.

When developing the Borrn range, it was important to us that we create products which help dismantle gender stereotypes, or at least; not play along with the dated idea that ‘blue is for boys and pink is for girls’. To achieve this, we applied a process of elimination. By removing hues used by other brands, colours known to make babies cry and ones relating to gender stereotypes – we were able naturally land upon the most suitable colours.

Perspective view of the large Borrn bottle, orange on an orange background.