Rivington Glassware


Industrial Design
Product Design

When designing the collection for Yod and Co our aim was to utilise blow-molding as a production technique and create a durable collection of glassware with a delicate aesthetic. This has been achieved by using Borosilicate, a type of glass which has superior thermal resistance and strength. 

Whilst testing other products, particularly other carafes - we noticed that the volume required often lead to an uncomfortable grip. In response to this, we looked at ways to make the grip of the carafe more comfortable and secure. The results of testing and prototyping lead to a contemporary interpretation of the classic faceted shape. Each piece within the collection exhibits subtle faceted sides which fade-out towards the top edge of the product.

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Two Rivington Glassware high ball on a white surface casting a shadow.
Rivington Glassware tumbler, high ball, jug and carafe on a white surface. The lighting is causing the shadows to be stretched across the surface, emphasising the facets.
Front view of the Rivington Glassware collection, four tumblers, two of which are stacked and a carafe with its blue silicone stopper off and beside it. Inside the carafe is water and mint leaves. The carafe and stacked tumblers are on a wooden plate. White surface and dark blue background.
Perspective view of Rivington Glassware, Carafe in use. The image shows the carafe casting light refractions on top of a wooden plate. Beside is another wooden plate with a teaspoon and a grapefruit on it.
Two Rivington Glassware tumblers stacked on a white surface casting a shadow. The subtle facets can be seen in the distortion of the edge of the surface.

The facets are intended to be almost invisible upon first glance; only becoming apparent with the beautiful light reflections and shadows that they create; encouraging their use as table centre pieces.

Close up view of the top of the Rivington Glassware jug
Base of the Rivington Glassware carafe against a light grey background. The facets and branding are shown in more detail.
Rivington Glassware tumblers held against a white surface showing the facets and branding on the base.