MADE Bathroom Furniture


Industrial Design
Product Design is a furniture and accessories brand that believe great design is for everyone. They like their products to surprise, tell a story and make the everyday a little less ordinary. We were commissioned by Made to design a full range of wooden items, here are two from the collection; the bathroom ladder and bathroom caddy.

Our design process was driven by the materials and processes used by the chosen manufacturer. This is our favourite way to work; utilising the processes in a sensible, yet surprising manner – turning what could be considered a ‘restriction’ into a design-driver and a design-feature. Following this process, we have designed the products to complement each other aesthetically; rounded ends, interesting intersections and scallop detailing are visible throughout each piece.  

The ladder simply attaches to the wall and provides four steps for hanging towels. The slight lean ensures the towels hung from different levels have an air-gap between them, aiding the drying process. The caddy attaches to the wall and provides storage, as well as areas to hang towels and accessories.

We also designed some decorative birds as part of the collection, these can be seen here.