Borrn Teethers


Industrial Design
Product Design

Awards: Red Dot

We believe the best designs are informed by the user, this thinking informs all of our work. This range of teethers is no different, they have been designed based upon the average diameter of a child’s finger, promoting natural teething and providing comfort.

As with the Feeding Bottle and the rest of the Borrn range, our goal to ensure optimum hygiene informed our material choice. In this case we have utilised medical-grade, BPA-free silicone.

Aesthetically, the full range has been designed to emphasise a consistent design language of simplicity and playfulness. The full range of nine animals has been designed following simple rules; the bodies are always circular, and the personality is achieved with straight lines that exit from the circumference of the body.

Detail view of the Snail Borrn Teether, Green
Top view of Turtle Borrn Teether, Orange.
Baby in dungarees holding a orange teether, lying next to the Borrn feeding bottle.
Perspective view of the Octopus Teether, Green.

Maintaining the minimal aesthetic, eyes are depicted with small balls which double as a teething aid.

Floating view of the Fish, Crab and Octopus Borrn Teethers, Green.