We craft beautiful products and ideas that last.


The research stage of the industrial design process is one that is so often overlooked. Through strategic ethnographic research we identify problems, future trends and market positioning that help build a meaningful product narrative. 


Creative workshops and sketching are at the heart of our ideation process. By following creative directions defined by trends and user-centred research, we map a range of problem solving ideas. Our multidisciplinary team can also produce quick but accurate 3D models at an early stage - in order to ensure feasibility from the off-set.


Well considered CMF (colour, material and finish) can transform products, spaces and experiences. At Blond our team are passionate about materiality, we use it strategically within our designs, in a way that lends itself to manufacture. We accurately display the CMF application throughout the project with our Visualisation service.

Manufacture Support

We are experienced with taking products from sketch to market - collaborating with engineers and factories to refine tooling and tolerances. We pride ourselves on creating manufacture-ready design and enjoy the chance to follow our designs through into production.

Model Making

We like to introduce mock-ups to a project as early as possible, to understand scale and the tactile relationship with the products we are developing. We can offer, quick sketch-models and 3D printing. In the later stages of a project we work alongside our network of local and overseas model makers - who can produce manufacture representative models.


As a multidisciplinary design studio, we can provide every service needed to develop a successful crowdfunding campaign. From industrial design to packaging to video marketing. We also offer a flexible business model to accommodate for small initial budgets.